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Okay, as I may have mentioned, Im trying to do a handdrawn comic.

Ill give you a briefing on it:

It started out late-2005.

I really liked Ctrl+Alt+Del and I wanted to make a Gamer comic. After a lot of thinking, I discovered that gamings comics werent for me. [partly because I couldnt draw and partly because I couldnt think of an ordinary name that hadn't been taken and wasn't Steve or any variation of it.]

My next idea was a teenager comic about kids in school and stuff. [sci fi stuff thrown in]
Once again, most ideas were taken and I couldnt think of a name. [I dont like obvious self-insertion]

Then I went back to the gamer idea.

Then in early-2006, I finally drew something that begun my idea for Artism.

It was a neckless man with a turban and oval eyes, he didnt have much detail though. I liked him and I thought he was quite humourous. But I thought to myself,
"Whats this comic about?"
and moments later I decided on a comic that counters stereotypes. But I realised,
"What is this guy so I can parody what he is?"
Right at that very moment, I was attracted to the televison.
My sister was watching a movie about Zombies! And then I realised that people who die in accidents have head bandages!
So after adding a lot of stitches and stuff to him. I had come up with Zombie, a fun-loving, undead accountant!

I needed to make more! The other two things I thought of were pirates and ninjas, I drew pirate first. Really, he didnt look like a stereotypical pirate, but he had the main things: Eye Patch and Sword.
And ninja was just a person in a black suit with only his eyes visible.
And a katana on his back.

Then I realised I needed another character. Once again, fate stepped in and reminded me of how I had just finished Final Fantasy 1. Suddenly I thought of all the classes:

Fighter was, in a sense, pirate.
Red Mage wasnt well known enough to be a main chaarcter.
White Mage wasn't favoured by me enough.
Thief was too close to Ninja
Monk, well, I just didnt want to.

But then, I remembered Black Mage. SO I drew a black mage. Which sucked, by the way.

After several redesigns of Blackmage [having hair showing and face not being hidden by shadows].

I didnt want to start yet, so eventually I drew a whole heap of other characters,some of which I drew first and THEN questions if thre was enough of them to be parodied.

Some of these included:
[most of these characters were called by their occupation, and their names were added in the Redesign #2]

* = May be removed
** = Was Removed
*** = Created Recently, Existence Pending
Mikael, The Angel
Ifrit, The Demon*
Masato, The Samurai
Ike, The Psychic
Count Lenayrd, The Vampire
Reno, The Thief [I got over the whole, too close to Ninja thing]
Serpent, The Spy [He was just a take off of Solid Snake/James Bond.]
The Shadow*, A Heartless-like being that shapeshifted [but was always black with yellow eyes.
Keith, The Executioner*
Lerenzo, The Grim Reaper
Leste, The Gunman***
Patrick, An American [or Australian living in America]Teenager of Irish Decent.
Kazuo, The Assassin**

Then after a while, I redesigned them, this time wiht necks.
A few changes here and there.

After improving seriously, I finally did a 'final design' phase.
But alas, I ended up changing the comic seriously.
Mage became the main character and Zombie the sidekick role. Pirate and Zombie were not to be seen until chapter one [after the prologue]
Also Mage took on a more teenager-ish look with a distincive hair style.

I also completely changed my goals, no longer was it a parody comic but a comic with a plotline! And thus I was given more freedom and I made a new non-parody character called Kasai [remind me to use the screename Steve Cloud!].
He is bald character with an appparently missing eye.

And that leads me here, I've adopted a more realisitc style and thus am totally changing the plotline and people's designs [mainly the main characters, and thank god, Ninja has had the most changes looking like a ninja but also kind of original.]

Also I had to change Mage's hair due to the fact that my new style makes it look too weird.
I also originally set out to call it Artism, but I need a new title... :(


Well, its pratically 3AM and I wanna get some shuteye, so until next time, nobody!

A Lucid Dream is where you know your dreaming and maybe you have great control over your dream. Really, I dont wanna explain it so heres the Wiki article.


Anyways, I woke up [6 hours later] and decided I'd take advantage of my tiredness and tried to go back to sleep but still keeping my mind awake.
I made and I got this choking sensation, but it was minor and I knew it was harmless, but then, when I was beggining to see light, my body MADE me swallow and I 'woke up', I tried again but didn't get as far!
I was so thristy I couldn't go back to sleep. Next time, I'm gonna have lots of water and a bottle of water by my bed! TOmmorow, Im having a lucid dream!

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I LOVE RAGNAROK. I do really. Its so addicting and fun!
Despite the face its only really clicking things..

I've decided to go on a private server [which I won't name here] which hopefully make it a little easier to become a frikkin' CRUSADER!

My new computer should be able to handle like that [clicks fingers]. But I dont knowif I wont to be the crusader, with the new Ninja or Recruit class looking pretty tempting over there!

I love ragnarok, its just that my friends hardly ever come and play with me...

I will be KasaiIjin the Ninja! or maybe Clive the Recruit. Or Steve the the half-assed swordsman!


And thus concludes this piece of crap entry...

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Lets see.. Whats been happening since my last update?

Well, I've started writing my own story, which I haven't done in a long time. Its a Sci-Fi Western-like story and I hope I'll finish it!

Apart from that I've got a new and faster computer, which is great!

I've also been doing a lot of pokemon backgrounds for me and my friends Sprite Comic, Secret Isle.
I also did some pokemon cards, like this one. I think it came out nice.

Other than that, not much to report...

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Cutter taught me some japanese, which will be good before I start next year.

I know the numbers from 1-99, honourific titles AND how to introduce myself!



Basically, all you need to learn for 1-99 is the first 10 numbers, which I have stuck in my brain.

#1 - Itchi
#2 - Ni
#3 - San
#4 - Yon
#5 - Goh
#6 - Roku
#7 - Nana
#8 - Hatchi
#9 - Kyu
#10 - Jo

And then the rest of the numbers [11-99] are just combinations.

Basically, the first thing I say is the first digit [tens], so if I want, 27, I'd first say:
then I'd say Jo, to make it 20. Then I just say Nana and so...

Ni Jo Nana is 27! Hooray!

----Honourific Titles----

San - A respectful title uses in semi-formal/casual situations.
Sama - Extremely respectful, it may be too formal to call someone in a casual chat.
Sensei - A teacher, or someone with mastery of a certain thing [painter or doctor]
Kun - [We decided it was pronouced C**t without the T, XD] This a title for boys.
Hime - means Princess.
Chan - A title for girls.

----Introducing Yourself----

This one was the hardest for me to remember.

Basically, first you say
Hajimemashita [I broke it down to remember it Haji-Mema-Shita] then you say your name with the last name first and then your first name, then you say Yoroshiku
So, you say altogether:
Hajimemashita Cloud Steve Yoroshiku.
If someone has just introduced themselves, instead of Yoroshiku, you say:
Hajimemashita Cloud Steve Kocherakoso.

And that concludes our lesson...

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More info on the Wii, that I only really just found out about when I read my good friend Cutter's Blog.

Anyways, this Mii thing. It looks okay, the whole, make your own chibi thing, but the style sucked.
I mean, a more realistic style would be nicer.
I mean, like an anime-ish style.
Personally, both the characters in the video sucked.
And apart from usage in some Wii games, like Sports or the music one, I dont really see a point.
And Cutter, I think their style is a bit off from Animal Crossing, but I do think it'd be more fun if you could be more inventive with making your character.
I hope they never use THAT style. I mean a nicer, slightly more Realistic/Anime style for AC would be awesome.
Also, I think they should have unique clothes, like mix and match.

But what I DO like is the thought of having things stored in your Wiimote, it'd be so awesome, so you could just walk around to your friends, pull out your wii [XD], and then you could right there and then, have your statisics on a certain game on that Wii.
Well they should. But it could be like a portable Memory Card.

Also, the Channels thing is awesome.
I like the idea of checking the weather before I blow people apart.

I can't wait for Wii.

And my dream game, Fencing!

You make your character, buy [in game] or create your own sword and then use it to fight in game opponents or other people across the Wi-Fi!
It'd be awesome because the sword would mimic your exact actions with the Wii-Mote. And the other controller would control you and some other things.
And you could have all sorts of swords.

Rapiers, Long Swords, Short Swords, Katanas, Odachis, Lightsaber, Sabre, Bastard Sword...
The list is long!


Also, I just want a game where you can cut Zombies heads off.

Me and Cutter often design games together, they'd usually rock as well. Nintendo should listen to kids and hardcore gamers more.

Anyways, this game is called...
Well, lets call it...

Super Fun Happy Time with a Katana!
Story - 2 Players
Deathmatch - 6

The Story: [As written by me]

On a small isle, there is this huge tower right?
Its just plain HUGE. Like 300 stories high and 30 floors deep [underground].

Anyways, a little while ago the dead started to rise and the SuperNatural ones began to become agitated and attacked all who came to the tower, eventually,
the tower was overrun with Zombies.
And almost everyone inside became zombies.
The entire island became infected, except for a small village which was attacked when the zombies stole all the weapons and provisions under the guidance of a smarter, more powerful undead creature.
They began to construct walls, in the meantime,
a man sets sail for the mainland begging for help.

Then a month later, two men, weilding Katanas and claiming to be mercenaries of the church, arrive on the shores of the isle, which is now misty and overgrown.
Along the way to the village they are attacked by a zombie, but quickly cut its head off and rush to the vilage. There they see a great wall, as they approach, a man rings a bell and many people gather on the other side, realising they're not zombies they open the gates and quickly usher the two men in.

Later they explain to the men the stories, the men [these are temporary names and came up within 4 seconds...], Stephen and Jack, fear the zombies reaching the mainland.
The villagers say they would build a wall around the isle, but they are two scared to leave their village and the wall is all that stand between them and the zombies. Staring at the extremly reinforced wall, they come to the conclusion that they must search the castle which is were they think the unholy demon who ressurected the dead must be residing. The villagers annouce its suicide.

Eventually, Jack explains to them that if they defend them, they could at least make sure they don't go to the bay. They say that if they made the wall in parts within the town and then pieced them together, it would only take a short while to tie them together.

The game begins here.

At any time in the game, if a friend logs in and loads the game up and sees that the game you two started is glowing, it means the other guy is playing, and you can then begin the game yourself and catch up to him.

In the game, the WiiMote controls your weapon hand and your other remote controls your other hand, using them together can result in many things, for example, you can push zombies away wiht the other Wiimote, also you can use them in combination, like pushing with the other Wiimote and pulling with the WiiMote to get your sword out of a zombie.

There are many ingame weapons apart from your main weapon, the katana, [which is ALWAYS with you],

Non-Sheathe Weapons

This means that they haven't got a sheathe and so, you can't carry them up ladders or ropes, unless you die them to a rope.

Axes -> Hand Axes, Battle Axes, War Axes, Giant Axes
Polearms -> Spears, Halberds, Hook Pole, Stick...

Sheathe Weapons

Means they have a sheathe, so they can be carried everywhere. You can have a sheathe in many different spots, the only fall is that you slow down when you put one on.

Swords -> Long and Short Swords, Bastard Swords, Claymores, Katanas and Rapiers.
Knives -> Main Gauches, Daggers, Knives, Tantos and Wakizashis.


This means that they are long ranged, listed next to them is how you use them.

Bows - You use either WiiMotes as the bow and the other as the arrow, you pull back on the 'Arrow' as far as you can, but pulling it back too far will result in a snapped string. Pulling it back determines range and power. Weak arrows travel in an Arc.

Crossbows - You just use the other WiiMote to wind it up by moving it in a 360 degree pattern. It also can snap from too much winding.

FlintLock - Takes ages to reload but is the most powerful ranged weapon, simpley aim and fire, you use the other WiiMote to stuff the next bullet down the barrel.

Revolver - One of the best weapon in the game. It fires six bullets and is very powerful. To reload the user simpley shakes the other WiiMote, You msut be fast but the harder you shake the more likely it is that you'll drop a bullet.


Fists - Unarmed weapons, you thrust the controllers.

Claws - Same as fists but they inflict cuts.

Makeshift Weapons

This is a very cool system, what you do is fuse 2 or more weapons together to make a new weapon, and youc an use different materials for more powerful weapons.
Theres more than one sword you know!

Eg: Flintlock + Sturdy String + Pole = PoleGun. [Pull the string and it fires!]
Of course only like 130 or so weapons could be made from it.


Pole + Shard of Glass + String = Makeshift Spear with
strong handle but weak tip.


Pole + Spearhead + String = Makeshift Spear with
good all around power and sturdyness.

Man this artice is WAAAAAY to long.

Seeyas later!

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Today, I got a job!
I am gonna work at a Kebab Place, cleaning up on Sundays and maybe other days of the week.
I'm planning on trying to raise money for the
Steve's Wii Foundation.

Champtim [a friend of mine] told me that the Wii was being released on November 5th! And it was $250 American, which lead to Tim's conclusion that the Aussie price was $350, but I'm not sure what it's price will be EXACTLY.

Anyways, I need my Wii. So I can play with it... All day long!

Haha.. I make Joke about Wii's name!
Seriously, Revolution would have been more awesome a title. NINTENDO REVOLUTION. And we could call it the Revi [Rev-ee], but Nintendo's name called people are so gay.

SO, I need around 350 bucks to afford my Wii.
And if I don't have enough, my Christmas and Birthday money might give me enough to maybe reach it.
When I turn 14, I am so getting a job at the Irish Club and earning $12.10 an hour.

But 14 seems so far off!
I hope I can get some kind of deal with the Wii, like when they have a Bundle, Wii and Red Steel.
I'll have to leave one behind for a little while...
I think I'd probably do eeny-meenie-miny-moe on them.
That solves EVERYTHING.
After that, you ask?

I'm getting my mutha-f****n' scanner and tablet so I can finally start my HandDrawn comic, Artism.
And after that, you ask again?
I'm gonna start my lifelong dream of having a sword collection, starting with Set of Odachi, Katana and Wakizashi.
And inbetween all that I'm gonna be getting Wii games.
Like Super Smash Bros' Brawl! So I can kick Cutter's, Tim's AND FD's Asses online.
But they'd BETTER have AT least 40 Characters!
I'd love 50 and I think they could, I DONT EVEN CARE IF THEY'RE CLONES OF EACH OTHER!

I also took the liberty to name all the characters they could and SHOULD put in it.:
[* Ones in the second list are Third Party, they are just SHOULDS]

1 - Wolf O'Donnell from Starfox Series.
2 - Waluigi from Mario Series.
3 - Toad from Mario Series.
4 - Bob-Ombs from Mario Series
5 - Diddy Kong from Donkey Kong Series.
6 - Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Series.
7 - King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Series.
8 - Hector from Fire Emblem 7.
9 - Isaac from Golden Sun.
10 - Felix from Golden Sun. [Isaac and Felix would obviously be clones]
11 - Squirtle from Pokemon Series.
12 - Charmander from Pokemon Series.
13 - Bulbasaur from Pokemon Series. [yeah you guessed it. I'm sick of that bitch, Pikachu!]
14 - Oni Link from The Legend of Zelda series.[as a Transformation of Link or another Character, I dunno.]
15 - Samurai Goroh from F-Zero Series.

1 - Megaman from the Megaman Series
2 - Megaman X from the Megaman X series.
3 - Zero from the Megaman Zero Series.
4 - Protoman from the Megaman Series.
5 - Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 [Yeah I know thats never gonna happen.]
6 - BomberMan from the BomberMan Series.

Yeah, altogether thats 21 new characters I thought of!


Anyways, we'll most likely be connecting the internet to the computer with more space now.

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Salutations, all!

I am Steve Cloud, Sprite Cartoonist!

I have decided to keep a journal in order to remember things, because my memory is as long as several herrings tried to a minute pine tree.

And it's also a nice waste of time, which everyone knows is worthless.

Anyways, I'll try to update this as much as possible with events from my life and stuff.

Seeya next time!

-Steve Cloud

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